who we are

Valley Web Solutions creates experiences that build businesses. As one of the largest interactive marketing and technology companies in Modesto, Valley Web Solutions helps its clients build better brands by delivering business results through customer experiences.

Valley Web Solutions combines the best thought leadership of the consulting world with the leading capabilities of the marketing services industry to support our clients' business needs, such as launching new products, repositioning a brand or participating in the social-media world.

With a demonstrated commitment to innovation, Valley Web Solutions continues to cultivate our expertise in Social Influence Marketing, emerging media, creative design, analytics, technology and user experience.

We interpret the data, listen to relevant sources throughout the internet and social spaces, and process research into a comprehensive market strategy that allow us to develop the optimal framework for your particular business model.


We have been working with Dave and Valley Web Solutions for the last several years now and with their expertise and knowlege in new-media marketing, they have managed to increase our enrollments at our school by at least 15% - 20%. They built and currently maintain 8 websites for our college and do an excellent job and keeping us up to date with all the latest technologies in the web world.

larry Qualls
Managing Director
Modesto Technical College

vision & philosophy

We hate advertising. But we love brands. Are we crazy? Of course not. We just think that most advertising is designed to shout at people
until they pay attention. And we'd rather not shout. We'd rather just start a compelling conversation between a brand and its customer. Engage customers on their terms, where they hang out. Encourage them to share. Then we'd like to measure whether that conversation made the brand, the publisher and the customer happy. And if it didn't, we'd like to do it better the next time. We think that's the future of advertising.

The Web escalates your business and your brand to broadband speed. It's profound that way. But its real beauty lies in how it reflects the millions of people you're trying to engage – what they enjoy, what leaves them cold, what makes each of them totally unique. Conventional strategy reacts to the choices people make online – but great digital strategy anticipates the fundamental needs and desires that drive those choices.Through advanced consumer research, deep analytics and unparalleled industry expertise, we uncover unmet needs of consumers and unexplored digital business opportunities. And we create innovation plans and marketing strategic that allow brands to leapfrog competitors in an increasingly digital world.

Across industries and functions, the common denominator these days is change. Innovative leaders are asking how digital technology can be harnessed to drive transformative growth, and how the challenges posed by rapid change can be turned into a source of competitive advantage. At Valley Web Solutions, we’re privileged to work with a talented group of senior clients — from a wide range of functions — who look to us to help solve exactly these kinds of multifaceted challenges.

Our History

Valley Web Solutions is founded by Dave Kry as a side project while Dave was attending college. It is founded under the name Digital Element.
After having achieved new-found success with Digital Element, we change our name to eMagine Media and offer a host of new services.
eMagine Media establishes partnerships with several other companies in the Valley and begins to re-brand its image as a full-service marketing company.